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Client Testimonials

At Griswold Home Care we have helped many Connecticut families since 1993, providing peace of mind to family members as well as quality service from our care givers and case managers.

Mary Jo Bannon, daughter

My parents moved to an independent living facility, but we found needed additional help for both.

We looked at other agencies but a friend HIGHLY recommended we consider GRISWOLD HOME CARE.

The agency took us under their wing immediately. Within one week (and probably would have done it sooner if required), they had placed a caretaker with my parents.

Our caretaker is kind, strong (both physically and emotionally), and VERY competent. She has been instrumental (to my parents as well as my siblings) in helping us through this next phase of life. We have come to depend upon her for her knowledge regarding elder care. Her judgment is right on. She has taken on the burdens of many things that were falling on my siblings.

Certain things we cannot change (the health of my parents) but certain things we can. We have absolutely added quality to all of our lives by having had the luck to be referred to GRISWOLD HOME CARE.

Susan Saccio, daughter

I wanted to thank you again for all your kind help in managing the care of my mother. She received excellent service from GRISWOLD HOME CARE throughout her years in Connecticut. We were especially grateful to have been able to obtain the loving services of her primary caretaker, Winifred Gorleku and her weekend caretaker, Naomi Campbell. Both of these ladies did a great job with my mother and helped to enrich her final years. My family will always be grateful for everything you and your team have done for us.

Rob Kramar, son

Martha Williams has served as a live-in caregiver for my mother who is 87 years old and an Alzheimer’s patient. Martha provided this service during mom’s final months living at home prior to admission to a nursing home and performed admirably. She was responsible for all household chores as well as planning and preparing all mom’s meals, attending to all her hygiene needs, ensuring that mom took her medicine and dressed her every day. Given her prior nursing home experience, Martha demonstrated that she understood mom’s needs and addressed them in a professional yet very personal manner. I would recommend Martha without reservation to the family of anyone requiring in-home health care.

Brenda Rapuano, PT, daughter-in-law

I wanted to tell you how pleased our family was with your care. My mother-in-law Peirina “Petie” was diagnosed in January with Stage IV lung cancer and it became obvious that she could not be alone. Your whole agency was very professional and prompt with providing information as well as a wonderful live-in caregiver.

The caregiver, Vida Kwaako, was wonderful the moment she walked in the door. She quickly put Petie at ease with her warmth and obvious experience. My husband and I are physical therapists and we were immediately reassured that she would be able to care for Petie as well as we could, perhaps better.

Vida handled a sometimes volatile situation with grace, and readily adapted to Petie’s variable but ultimately deteriorating condition. Petie’s home hospice care manager was also impressed with Vida and confidant in her ability to care for Petie. Two days before Petie died, Vida slept by her bedside on a couch so that I could try to sleep, which I thought was extraordinary. In 7 weeks of care, Vida never lost patience and Petie never lost her dignity. Vida’s genuine upset at Petie’s passing was touching.

We will always be grateful to Vida and to GRISWOLD HOME CARE for the wonderful care Petie received. I will heartily recommend your agency to friends, family and patients.

Laurie Behlman, daughter

“Thank you” from our whole family for the years of professional care you provided to our mother. We believe there were special connections and bonds that flourished through the years. It has been a long road and with your services and dedication we were able to fulfill our father’s last wish, ‘please don’t put mommy in a nursing home’.

To all the caregivers that took care of our mother, there is a special place in heaven for you all. It takes special people to care for the homebound. To all the administrative staff and Lynn Hackett, our case manager, thank you for your patience.

Sue Kashanski, daughter

After another trip to Connecticut, I had to write to tell you how wonderful our caregiver, Diane Konadu, is. She is capable, cautious, warm, respectful, resourceful, bright, and hardworking. And she's such a good match for my parents in that, when she's not needed for attending to my mom or household things, she sits quietly on the sunny window seat in the living room and reads or writes. Or she retreats to her room for quiet phone conversation or a little TV time. She's also incredibly game -- she's willing to hike up to the view at Gillette Castle or tromp across a hayfield for some birding and to watch the monarchs migrate.

The calm atmosphere that she's brought to the house is wonderful! And Dad feels completely comfortable leaving Mum entirely in Diane's care when he needs to run errands or go outside for chores. What a gem she is. I'm hoping we can keep her contented and well cared for.

Your agency provides an essential service in these times when families are spread all over the place geographically. Well-screened, well-placed caregivers like Diane help keep families together, allowing households to stay intact when family support isn't enough to make that happen.

Laura Kaplan, LCSW

I wanted to thank you and your team for helping my client so quickly and so well. I spoke with her husband today and it sounds like things are going very well.

He and his wife very much like their caregivers as well as think the teaming up with their case manager, Lynn, will work well once a routine is established. He is very relieved and his wife is enjoying herself and being safely cared for... my main objectives in involving your agency. Thank you, again, it has been a pleasure working with you and your excellent team.



Short takes

Our clients show their gratitude by their willingness to use their full names. No “John D.’s of Hamden” here!

What clients say about Griswold Home Care's Caregivers

“…part of our family”
Charles Johnson, son

“…reasonably priced quality care is a god-send, the caliber of people has been outstanding.”
David Pyman, husband

“…and Laura cannot be replaced.  She is wonderful.”
Manuel Carvalho

“…we are blessed to have him.”
Diane Dyer, Niece

“…they do a fabulous job in finding capable people for this difficult job.
June Reiley, daughter

What clients say about Griswold Home Care

“I appreciate them worrying about my father so I don’t always have to.” 
Richard Ellis, son/conservator

“It’s taken a load off our minds.  Griswold has handled everything.”
Jean Johnson

“I will recommend Griswold Home Care to anyone and everyone.”
Deborah Monahan, daughter

“…very much needed in the community; they do a great service.”
Michael Crescenti

“They are very, very hands-on and organized.”
Jean Wagner, daughter