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Caring for the Elderly in ConnecticutCaring for the Elderly in Connecticut

Personal & Supportive Care

We at Griswold Home Care believe that you or your loved one will receive the best care if we all understand the importance of working together as a team. Your family, the caregiver and our office staff members each play a vital part in establishing and maintaining a successful relationship. Communication and respect for each team member make the whole process not only more enjoyable but much more effective.

Regular communication with the office and your caregiver is important. It helps the caregivers to know what is expected and how they are doing. If you are not pleased with their performance, or are not comfortable with the caregiver that has been referred to you, please let us know immediately. We often change caregivers for "style" and work very hard to make compatible matches between caregivers and clients.

If you need something special, let your caregiver know. Our caregivers have been carefully selected because of their past performance and desire to help but sometimes they need specific guidance from you. Also, please let us know when we have made a good match or if your caregiver has done something particularly helpful.

Give some thought to the relationship you would like to have with your caregiver and establish some particular rules in the beginning. Everyone involved will be less likely to make mistakes if they understand procedures at the outset.

Click here to view our "Caregiver Rules & Regulations"

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