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Finding qualified, trustworthy, compassionate caregivers is our specialty! We excel in finding the right person to fulfill the requirements of any client. Our selective screening process is thorough, extensive and exceeds industry standards.

We accept an average of just 1 in 8 applicants through our exclusive process, which includes:

  • Initial telephone interview
  • In person interview with a specially trained case manager
  • Expert evaluation of practical skills, literacy, integrity and personality
  • Comprehensive assessment of at least four references including phone interviews
  • Criminal record checks
  • Proof of training certifications, driver's license, insurance, work eligibility
  • Routine telephone follow-up and home visits to ensure continuing client satisfaction

At Griswold Home Care we attract the best caregivers with highly competitive wages yet we keep our administrative overhead to a minimum. This makes us the wisest financial alternative for our clients and their families.

Read more about the quality services our caregivers provide throughout New Haven and the shoreline region of Connecticut and the greater Hartford area.

Read some accolades for our care givers from a few Connecticut families whose lives have been made easier by Griswold Home Care caregivers and case managers.


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