Caregiver Rules Rose
Caregiver Rules Rose
Caregiver Rules Rose



Caregiver Rules & Regulations

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  1. Only accept assignments you are able to fill. Get directions to the Client's home and be on time for all assignments. Report to the client's home professionally dressed with identification and ready to work.
  2. Speak quietly and pleasantly to Clients and members of their household at all times. Be physically gentle and emotionally supportive of the Client no matter what the circumstances. Immediately seek help from the office if you are having trouble doing so on any particular case.
  3. Never discuss personal business, family life, other cases, Clients or work circumstances, nor your religious beliefs or political opinions with Clients or members of Clients' households. Clients seeking such information should be politely told that office policy does not permit such conversations.
  4. Never take money or any object belonging to the Client or member of the Client’s household, with or without permission. Clients who are insistent on gifts should be told to call the office first.
  5. Never permit guests, family members, children, or friends to visit any Client’s home.
  6. Do not use the Client’s phone for personal use and never give out the Client’s telephone number for personal calls.
  7. Never smoke in a Client’s home or in a Client’s presence.
  8. Never contact Clients during non-work hours, or give them your home or cell phone numbers.
  9. Never use alcohol or drugs before or during work hours.
  10. Never leave a confused or unsafe Client alone during work hours, and if appropriate always wait for you relief or your Client’s family to arrive before leaving a case.
  11. Always follow the care plan and when applicable add to it after discussion with the Office and use your best judgment, common sense, experience, and training when caring for GRISWOLD HOME CARE Clients. Keep case notes if forms are provided.
  12. Call the office as soon as possible and at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance to notify any changes in scheduled work hours. Plan vacations and time off well in advance.
  13. Provide only personal care, activities of daily living, homemaking and companionship services to GRISWOLD HOME CARE Clients. Immediately report requests or the need for skilled nursing to the office for proper handling.
  14. Always complete your entire billing slip in a timely manner and get your wages from the Client or the Client’s power of attorney. Keep a copy of your billing slip for your payment of income taxes. Keep a personal log or notebook of your hours.
  15. Always sleep or be rested before reporting for work.
  16. Always look for additional things to do without being told. Use Client’s naptime efficiently, take responsibility, and work to please the Client paying your wages.
  17. Always respect the Client’s privacy and established routines. Work with and around habits established over a lifetime. Help but do not interfere.
  18. Actively encourage Client independence, communication and participation in meal selection, activity scheduling and order of routine.
  19. Always report changes you see in a Client’s status, general well being or needs to the Office.
  20. Remember that a gentle touch and a good-natured and positive attitude do a lot to cheer and support Clients.



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